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Job Description: Driver and Mover


We are looking for a reliable, hardworking individual to join our team as a Driver and Mover for our junk removal company. In this position, you will be responsible for safely driving and operating a truck to transport items from clients’ locations to the appropriate disposal sites. You will also be expected to assist with loading and unloading junk in order to facilitate its removal. The ideal candidate should have strong customer service skills, excellent problem-solving skills, and be comfortable working in an active environment.

In this role, you will be expected to adhere to all safety regulations while on the job. This means adhering strictly to traffic laws while driving, complying with OSHA regulations while loading/unloading items at client locations, and always wearing personal protective equipment while on the job. You must also ensure that the truck is kept clean and in good condition at all times. You will likely need to perform vehicle maintenance such as checking oil levels or tire pressure when necessary.

You should also have strong customer service skills in order to create positive customer experiences with clients during each transaction. This includes answering questions about services offered, providing estimates for labor costs or disposal fees associated with a particular job upon request, being friendly but professional throughout the duration of each job, and addressing any complaints or issues promptly so that customers are satisfied with their experience with us. Additionally, you must exercise good problem-solving skills when dealing with difficult situations on the job such as determining how best to dispose of certain items or using creative solutions when faced with space limitations on a client’s property due to large amounts of junk needing removal.

In addition to your driving duties, you will often be required to help unload/load items onto/off of your truck as well as do some manual heavy lifting if needed (all safety protocols must still be followed). You may also need to use tools such as crowbars or screwdrivers in order to dismantle furniture or other items prior to transporting them away from client locations if necessary.

We are looking for candidates who possess a valid driver’s license issued by the state they reside in along with a clean driving record free of any major violations over the last 3-5 years (depending on state laws).

Physical strength is important for this role since you may need to lift heavy objects during certain jobs so we seek individuals who can work effectively under physical duress without compromising safety standards at any time. Prior experience operating commercial trucks is preferred but not required; however, familiarity working with trucking industry safety regulations is expected prior to the hiring date if hired without previous experience operating commercial vehicles.

• Drive safely at all times while maintaining compliance with traffic laws
• Safely operate the truck in accordance with all applicable laws
• Load/unload furniture and other items in a safe manner
• Provide professional support to customers throughout the process of junk removal
• Check inventory of supplies on the truck regularly and make sure it is properly maintained
• Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing with customers and colleagues
• Perform basic maintenance checks on the truck (such as fuel levels, brakes, lights etc) prior to each journey
• Possess problem solving abilities to troubleshoot any issues that arise during a journey
• Familiarity with map reading/navigation systems such as GPS
• Ability to work flexible hours including some weekends and evenings if required.

• Valid driver’s license
• Previous experience driving commercial trucks or comparable vehicles
• Excellent customer service skills
• Ability to lift heavy items regularly while adhering to safety guidelines• Good organizational skills • Clean driving record • Excellent communication skills – verbal & written • Team player attitude • Positive attitude towards safety regulations



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Who we are

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Our mission

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